World leader in gene synthesis GenScript sets up office in Leiden

World leader in gene synthesis GenScript sets up office in Leiden

From left to right: Mr. Duan Pengfei (Invest Relations Manager GenScript), Ms. Adri Bom-Lemstra (Vice Governor Zuid-Holland), Ms. Jeannette Baljeu (Vice Governor Zuid-Holland), Bas Pulles (Deputy Head of Mission), Steven Shen (NFIA Beijing). Signers: Mr. Robin Meng (VP of Invest Relations), Mr. Chris van Voorden (Director Foreign Investments InnovationQuarter).

Signing of confirmation letter

On Sunday the 13th of May, during the economic mission of the province of Zuid-Holland to China, GenScript signed a confirmation letter confirming their establishment at the Leiden Bio Science Park. This was witnessed by two Vice governors of the province of Zuid-Holland, Ms. Baljeu and Ms. Bom-Lemstra, and Mr. Pulles, Deputy Head of Mission of the Dutch Embassy.

Innovative breakthrough immunotherapy

Since its founding in 2002, GenScript has provided services and products to scientists in more than 100 countries worldwide. The company delivers biological research services encompassing gene synthesis and molecular biology, peptide synthesis, custom antibodies, protein expression, antibody and protein engineering, in vitro and in vivo pharmacology. These areas are each essential to modern molecular biological research. To expand GenScript’s products portfolio, Bestzyme (GenScript’s subsidary) completes and matures enzyme production line to serve the broad industrial market. Additionally, Legend Biotech (GenScript’s subsidary) recently has achieved innovative breakthrough for CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy in clinical trial. For more information, visit

Valuable addition to Leiden Bio Science Park

GenScript will be a valuable addition to the Leiden Bio Science Cluster. GenScript offers a one-stop service package as to maximize innovation, eliminate the need to search for multiple vendors, and reduce waste. NFIA and InnovationQuarter have had the pleasure of assisting them with information, introductions to service providers as well as introductions to the life science community in Leiden.