All parties agree on: coding classes in education, tax actual earnings only, make hiring affordable & cut red tape

In a full house at B.Amsterdam the Startup Debate organised by StartupDelta, Sprout, RTL, Accenture and Get in the Ring just finished. Around 200 startups saw the economic representatives of 7 political parties Aukje de Vries – VVD, Agnes Mulder – CDA, Arda Gerkens – SP, Kees Verhoeven – D66, Tom van der Lee – Groenlinks, Mei Li Vos – PvdA and Nico Drost – ChristenUnie defended their policies for startups.

With the StartupDelta Manifest as a basis for discussion, startups confronted the politicians with their questions. Meticulously moderated by presenter Hella Hueck the party representatives were confronted with critical questions by an expert panel consisting of Mark Vletter (Voys), Janneke Niessen (Improve Digital) and Mirjam Bink (ONL). Startups The Next Closet, Plugify  and Nerdalize completed the panel.

Special Envoy Constantijn van Oranje of StartupDelta closed the debate with the positive note that all parties agreed on 3 important measures: include digital skills in the education for everybody, labour must become more affordable, simplify bureaucracy. Constantijn van Oranje stressed the importance of following up this consensus by the politicians:

How? Just Do It!, like startups just do it.

After the elections of March 15th 2017 StartupDelta will keep tracking the follow up by the politicians and remind them of their proposed policies.

The live stream of the Startup Debate spread over several websites among which: Studio Startup, RTL Nieuws ) and RTL Z , Startupdelta and several others.