CES press releases: This is how Dutch tech is improving our lives

Meet our cool startups for CES 2018. Want to know more about their business? Check out all the disruptive stuff they do in their press releases.

Breath in Balanz

Improve every breath you take with this unique sensor and personalized training program. Better Breathing is Better Living

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The ultimate facial recognition technology, pushing the boundaries of accuracy and speed

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Advanced Product Configuration in 3D, VR and AR. The first 3D platform that includes e-commerce options, instant 3D renders, VR or AR showcases

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Solar Monkey

Software that enables solar to become the world’s leading power supply.

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uCrowds offers a software engine for simulating crowds in big infrastructures, events or computer games using state-of-the-art AI/VR technologies

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Make content count

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The world’s first interactive outdoor game console. Safety, health and development combined in one device. Less screen time, more outdoor play

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Aryzon makes 3D Augmented Reality affordable for anyone, filling the extensive gap between current 2D mobile AR and immersive 3D AR

Aryzon CES 2018 StartupDelta

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Care Watch

Multifunctional alarm button that warns, reminds, guards and connects. Care Watch cares for you and watches over you

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Serious VR

Virtual training and performance data, for operational excellence.

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Tiledmedia: ClearVR

Stream Amazing Quality VR over Today’s Networks to Today’s Devices.

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First of its kind app-based personalized sleep coach

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Picoo uniquely combines what kids love: interactive technology and outdoor play. Playing together has never been so much fun!

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Making virtual reality real.

Sense Glove CES Tech Square Pavilion

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Sense Anywhere

Wireless sensing, monitoring and control…anywhere!


Sense Anywhere CES 2018 StartupDelta

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The Smart Polar Bear lamp for kids and parents.

Hyko CES2018 StartupDelta

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Sharing Surgical Skills.

Incision CES 2018 StartupDelta

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A streaming service that addresses all the pain points that classical music lovers suffer on generic streaming services.

Primephonic CES 2018 StartupDelta

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Athom: Homey

Homey – Everything at home connected, easily controlled. We create the heart of your Smart Home.

Athom Homey CES 2018 StartupDelta

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Streamline your meeting flow to ensure efficiency and engagement. Collaborate on agenda items and log actions and decisions in one smart meeting tool.

GAIKU CES 2018 StartupDelta

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A world of virtual exhibitions

Ikonospace CES 2018 StartupDelta

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StyleScript offers the NextGen in online shopping experience through personalized curation, while shielding personal user data from users for unwanted banner ads, by using smart technologies like AI

StyleScript CES 2018 StartupDelta

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Small Batches Fast Delivery

Batchforce CES 2018 StartupDelta

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LifeSense Group: Carin

Carin is the only wearable pelvic floor exerciser on the market: With Carin, there is nothing to insert and no mess to clean up.  Painless and non-invasive, the power of Carin lies in its cutting-edge wearable technology.

LifeSense Group Carin CES 2018 StartupDelta

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Your personal sun protection

UVisio CES 2018 StartupDelta

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Opening up new dimensions of interaction

MindAffect CES 2018 StartupDelta

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Sensiks is giving the idea of reality a whole new dimension with Sensory Reality Pods: Immersive Mixed Reality in multi-sensory pods.

Sensiks CES 2018 StartupDelta

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Intelligent Routing for Electric Mobility. We pioneer SaaS EV routing, smart grid modelling, peak shaving and predictive mobility distribution.

Chargetrip CES 2018 StartupDelta

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