henQ and existing investors invest 5 million in SendCloud, the shipping platform for European webshops

29 August 2017

Today henQ announces to invest up to 5 million euro in Dutch startup SendCloud, together with the company’s existing investors TIIN and BOM.

By using SendCloud’s platform, small and medium-sized webshops can save a lot of time on their shipping process, send packages at competitive shipping rates and provide high quality shipping services to their customers; rates and services that previously only large scale webshops were able to offer to their customers. As such, SendCloud enables small and medium-sized webshops to compete with the giants of the eCommerce industry.

henQ thinks SendCloud has the potential to be a great success, with its ambitious and talented team, by serving the still strongly growing group of small and medium-sized webshops, against the backdrop of the fact that the incumbent delivery companies have not yet proven to be able to sufficiently serve such webshops in all their different shipping needs.

Please find a link to the press release on our website.