Introducing Prodock Amsterdam

Introducing Prodock Amsterdam. Prodock is the linking pin between innovative ideas and industrial provisions in the port of Amsterdam. Pioneering Partnerships with startups. Prodock is an initiative by Port of Amsterdam. A physical location and platform in the port of Amsterdam. Prodock is all about innovation. In an existing building on the Moezelhavenweg 9, Prodock forms a vibrant community, where innovative and fastgrowing companies test and develop their new products and services in a professional environment.

Prodock community:

Prodock connects forward-thinking parties and people with each other. This enables people to help and strengthen one another in the development of new products, processes and services. The exchange of knowledge and information is key and forges the connection between innovation and business.

Prodock platform:

Prodock makes the network, expertise, and resources of Port of Amsterdam available. An international network of companies, knowledge institutes, incubators, and investors. A crucial network that can provide a push for promising businesses. The team of Prodock opens doors that otherwise remain hidden or closed.

Prodock is unique:

Prodock is the first accelerator in Amsterdam that offers a unique combination of indoor and outdoor working places and access to a port-related network. Many startups have already surpassed the laboratory phase and are looking for a physical space to construct a testing set-up. prodock. offers this space. Together, we make innovations a success.

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