“Our health care system can become the most innovative in the world if we all act together”, says Startup Envoy Constantijn van Oranje at the opening session of the Health Valley Event 2017 in Nijmegen.

StartupEnvoy Constantijn van Oranje: "The Netherlands has one of the best health care systems in the world. It can also become the most innovative, if all players act together. We need a focus on prevention and quality of care in a climate of experimentation and innovative procurement which would enable the application of new technology solutions and services by innovative startups” 


Health Valley is the largest  Life Sciences & Health network in the Netherlands. Its mission is to boost the innovation capabilities of Dutch companies and care providers by stimulating connections and cooperation. 


The 2017 Health Valley Event centres on patient-driven innovation. It unites close to 1.200 top experts and representatives from Universities, Government, healthcare providers, business, VC's and startups from the health sector including some high potential startups like ArthroSaveBraingazeIPaDICJointSphereMountSensiks and Usono