VR studio Pillow’s Willow next in Eindhoven’s VR/AR hub to receive funding

VR studio Pillow’s Willow from Eindhoven got ‘several tons’ in funding from an angel investor and accelerator Lumo Labs. The money will be used to hire developers specialised in making so called Dreamscape experiences for VR, AR and mixed reality.

After VRee got funding last week, this investment marks the second startup from Eindhoven-based accelerator Lumo Labs to receive funding in a short time. Again, Lumo Labs co-invested.

Lumo itself funds 100.000 to 150.000 euro per startup, said CEO Andy Lürling to StartupJuncture.That’s serious money compared to what other accelerators in The Netherlands bring to the table.

Lürling’s the co-founder of Lumo Labs and again, just like with VRee, he holds an executive title in the startup he’s hosting.

Sven Bakkes, co-founder of Lumo Labs, on why they invested: “It is known the VR sector needs good content. With their focus on Dreamscape, Pillow’s Willow can become marketleader in this game genre.

Pillow’s Willow

Pillow’s Willow recently won a Bright Award for VR game of the year. The VR company also works together with another well-known Eindhoven startup: Manus VR.

The studio expects their first game to launch Q1 2017 in the Oculus Store for the Gear VR, as well for Google Daydream.