YES!Delft and UtrechtInc rank top 10 as best European university business incubators

Two incubators from The Netherlands, YES!Delft (4) and UtrechtInc (6), found themselves in the top 10 of the UBI Europe Awards for university business incubators.

The incubators are affiliated with the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and Utrecht University / University Medical Center Utrecht / University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

First on the list is UK based SETsquared, affiliated with the universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southhampton and Surrey. See the whole list at UBI Global.

Key factors measured are the value for the ecosystem (talent retention and economy enhancement), the value for clients (access to funds, network enhancement, competence development), and its attractiveness (based on post incubation performance and success stories).

European incubators

The organization added that it “has been a very promising year for European incubators, the largest region UBI Global benchmarks in terms of sample size.” UBI tested 117 university affiliated startup programmes. All those incubators and accelerators received a total of 2.4 billion dollar in funding this year.

All of the awardees are also shortlisted for the UBI Global’s World Rankings in London on November 25, 2015.

Frontpage image: U.S. Geological Survey @ Flickr