6 new startups in UtrechtInc’s Pressure Cooker programme
5 March, 2021 by
6 new startups in UtrechtInc’s Pressure Cooker programme
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Startup incubator UtrechtInc today has welcomed six new startups. Boekzorg, 2daysmood, DialogueTrainer, EdutainmentGames, Faqta and Your Next Concepts have been selected for the ninth generation of the startup programme the Pressure Cooker.

In the next four months, these six startups will work on their business (in random order):

What: Digital platform for consumers to search for, compare, and make an appointment with healthcare providers.
Founders: Martijn Stalenhoef, Gerben Boot and Jorn de Koning.

What: The Netflix for elementary schools: an adventurous, interactive program for talent development and knowledge of the world for groups 3 to 8, at school and at home.
Founders: Anouk Binkhuysen and Jan van Wonderen.

Your Next Concepts
What: Academy Attendance improves higher education by giving educators and students real-time (attendance) information.
Founders: Gijs Bootsen, Peter Boot and Casper Schuppen.

What: High impact educational math games for students in elementary schools.
Founders: Tommie Wildschut and Jeroen Verloop.

What: Helps organizations improve the way they measure employee satisfaction and engagement. We do this by gathering feedback from the work floor by creating short, simple and fun interactions with employees, continuously creating actionable and easy-to-understand reports.
Founders: Jan Pronk and Menno Wielbouwer.

What: Game-based e-learning environment where students and professionals can practice and master conversation skills.
Founders: Michiel Hulsbergen, Henk van Zeijts and prof. Johan Jeuring.

Image by B_Me @ Pixabay

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