These 45 Dutch startups are attending Web Summit 2015
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These 45 Dutch startups are attending Web Summit 2015
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The annual Web Summit in Dublin is one of the leading European startup conferences. Growing at an unprecedented pace since its founding in 2010 the conference now welcomes in just a few more days a staggering number of more than 30.000 visitors.

The conference will kick-off on November 3 and will feature speakers such Stewart Butterfield of Slack, John Collison of Stripe and Ed Catmull of Pixar, among others. Previous high profile speakers have been Elon Musk, Niklas Zennstrom, Jack Dorsey and Reed Hasting.

Running for its 6th consecutive year the conference brings startups, corporates and tech super stars together. But also thought leaders that talk about the latest developments in the fields of robotics, fintech, UX and design, sports and topics such as leadership.

Last year, 62 Dutch startups were at the Websummit. This year the Web Summit informed us that 48 Dutch startups are attending. But we could not verify if all of them were indeed (Dutch) startups, because lack of a website or other information with which we could corroborate the info. Some startups reached out to us, pointing out that they were not mentioned on the list, while they were in fact attending the event.

So after adding and subtracting some startups form and to the list we came to a total of Dutch 45 startups attending the Web Summit 2015.

If you’re going to the Web Summit and you’re not on the list please reach out to us. Get in touch with us via email or Twitter.

So without further ado, here is the list of the Dutch startups (random order) attending Web Summit 2015:


This VR startup enables organizations to create VR tours and reports.

Sofa Superstars

Provides an end-to-end platform for Fantasy Sports games.


Playtest wants to connect game studios and players to start making games together, distribute prototypes and gain insights before a game hits the app stores.


Besides the world’s most famous beer brand, Heineken, Minibrew also hails from the Netherlands. A beer brewing machine, yes you guessed it, that allows anyone to create the next Heineken.


Shake-on is the Fitbit for events. A smart bracelet that provides tracking features for attendees, exhibitors and event organizers such as The Web Summit.


A recruitment startup that brings together a group of individuals to work on their ‘dreams.’


A recruitment site.


Fitter gives personalized advice to become the “best possible you” based on your biometrical, health and lifestyle big data. At least that’s what the startup claims.


This startup takes the outdated car washing street industry online.

Punch Media

An e-commerce sales and distribution platform that enables real time sales and distribution of e-tickets, e-giftcards, e-vouchers reservations and more.

Roger Bacon Eyewear

The Warby Parker of the Netherlands with the digital twist that you can try the glasses on via their app.

PEX life

A health startup that provides online patient care and coaching services.


Yes, you guessed it. A startup that solves a major food problem in rich countries. Getting rid of our huge piles of leftovers.


A startup that connects you with people like you..

Purple Pill VR

Yes another Dutch VR startup. The Dutch version of Jaunt, that by the way also has a Dutch founder, Purple Pill VR produce ‘mind-bending’ cinematic VR experiences and offers tools and resources to help other producers do the same.

Dekko Secure

Dekko provides end-to-end security for your email, chat and document storage.


Selling your stuff to friends first. The the core idea behind Bengees.


A meetup app to ‘meet up and do something fun.’


‘Floown gives you a real-time overview of who’s available within your network of professionals and employees’, so says the company on their website.

Pro Music Creator

This startup enables musicians to create bands online. Not bound by being at the same place, likeminded musicians can from a band with drummer from Canada, a singer from France and a guitarist from Egypt.


Sharood is one of those apps that connects people who are cooking with people who don’t want to cook and want to eat in a neighborhood.


According to the people of Swppie ‘Some­thing cool is coming…’


Wazzurb connects people with people in 2.5 square miles around their home.


A visual communication tool for web development.

Whoop World

Sharing moments with everyone.


A data masking startup.


This startup allows brands and agencies to set up interactive content and create the social buzz around it.


Hmm… simplicate stands for symplfying your business with CRM, sales and project management tools.


A drag and drop campaign management tool.


A language translation startup.


An e-learning startup.


A communication service that is built on top of Whatsapp.


A strategic design company that offers innovative technological solutions.


A bitcoin wallet.


The DocuSign for SME’s.

Beep Beep Parking

A parking app startup.


A startup that lets people connect on the road.

Tiqets provides entertainment tickets from all over the world. Both directly to travelers via and to travel companies via API and whitelabel integration.


A children friendly search engine.


Is an open loyalty program for mobile and web companies.

CashOrCard POS

You guessed it: a point of sale platform.


The Connecterra Dairy Monitor provides estrus detection, health analysis and location services for dairy cattle.


A personal photo album platform.


A online customer loyalty platform.


A mobile sports scouting platform that enables everybody to be a scout.

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